The New Laco Marine Style Watch Directly Targets The Cartier Pasha Seatimer

This is of course different from Cartier, its price is very high, but you have to pay for this name. Oh, the Cartier Replica Watches is really shiny. Did I mention it? It is undeniable that Cartier’s photos are more “characteristic” than Laco, but this is to be expected. Assume that these watches are on board for the crew to use. The captain will decorate Cartier and the officer will own Laco. Both have the same features, but Laco has more service orientation than fashion.

The uniqueness of these watches is that the square minute hash mark is placed in the middle of the watch, but in a round case. This is usually the opposite, because in the case of a square you have a round minute indicator. Still, this is a very elegant look, a strange nautical origin. The rotating bezel indicates the connection to the dive and the rubber diver strap on the Laco. This is a very clear watch, and the amount of light on the contrast surface seems to be appropriate. However, I would like to see the date discs numbered in black to match the rest of the watch. Cartier Replica did this. Also, I want to see the date in a diagonal position, like Cartier, which will make room for the number “3”.

Laco usually has a high quality casing, and I believe most people will opt out of the rubber strap and obviously have more attractive options. I am very happy to see that Laco did not copy the crown protector attached to Swiss Cartier Watches. This is the ruins of classic diving watches, most of which require extra waterproof protection. Cartier’s number is more tasteful, but that doesn’t mean Laco is lacking (you must write at least one). Instead of paying thousands of dollars for Cartier (if it’s not more than $4,000), you can have a high-quality German watch that is very similar in design, at a fraction of the price, no more than $1,000 I imagined. Even if it is not officially sold in the US, Laco watches can still be found online and on eBay.

Cartier Calibre Chronograph Watch

In 2010, Cartier released a new men’s collection called Calibre. This is a fairly revolutionary brand that brought Cartier’s men’s collection to the 21st century for two reasons. It’s also a mass-produced watch that includes an in-house manufactured Cartier Replica Watches – something that used to exist only in the top end of the watch.

When I first discussed it here, I knew it was very popular from the start. It is beautiful and medium in size, very much in line with modern men’s demand for Cartier. Of course, models like Santos and Roadster are always popular, but I think Cheap Cartier Replica Watches needs a sporty and dynamic model. Since 2010, Cartier has introduced a bracelet in 2011, adding some changes to the original design. For a full personal experience of the original Cartier watch (on the bracelet), please see this article.

It is not difficult to predict that Cartier Replica will introduce new and new features over the years based on this watch. In fact, this chassis is also used in many high-end products. Although these models are different from the basic caliber model, they are aimed at a very different price group. This Cartier watch is the second edition of the “Mainstream Luxury” watch collection. The design of the case is unchanged, from the original reservation to the addition of the timing fader.

Cartier inserted the timer into the extended crown structure and looked very elegant. In fact, if you look at the three-handed Calibre, you’ll notice that the area that now contains the timer looks like it’s designed from the start, that is, the timer will end up there. This may be the truth. The 2012 watch will be available in a 42mm wide steel or 18k pink gold case, with a bracelet or strap from the start.

The timer will be a dual compact timer that measures for a full 12 hours. This means that the watch will have no second hand unless you have been using the timing function. The dial has been redesigned with a dial that is completely symmetrical. Fake Cartier Watches also moved the small scale ring to the flange ring, which previously had only a brushed metal surface. This changes the appearance of the watch and makes the dial look bigger. The dial can now have a larger, clearer time stamp, again in the form of semi-Roman numerals and semi-bars (this is the Cartier version of the California dial?) You have the same decoration on the dial, but thanks to the symmetrical design Everything feels more solid. Cartier retained the “extended” date window, but moved it to 6 o’clock. In general, I like this dial very much, but I still think Cartier designed the main pointer too short.

Inside the watch is a new movement built on the interior of the Cartier 1904 MC. The new movement is conveniently named 1904-ch MC. It is an automatic column-based timer and a 48-hour power reserve. From the design and decoration point of view, this action is visually appealing. I like the small Cartier “C” shape balance wheel fine-tuning device. You can see this action through the back window of the sapphire showcase.

The detailed introduction of the caliber timer is quite good, this is a great way to enjoy the small touch Best Cartier Replica Watches offer (good bracelet, sapphire crystal card Bosong, and a nice looking dial) in a more sporty package. I expect new colors and changes in the next few years, but these options are now quite attractive. This caliber timer design is not perfect, but it is very beautiful. I expect the price of the steel plate on the bracelet to be around $10,000. The Cartier Calibre Astronomical Clock will be officially unveiled at SIHH 2013, after which I will share my personal experience with you.

Rotonde De Cartier Flying Tourbillon Crocodile Leather Theme Watch Hands

One of the most exciting things about every SIHH watch show is to visit Cheap Cartier Replica Watches and see their new limited edition artwork, often revolving around animals. Last year in 2012, we shared some of the coolest Cartier “advanced” art watches. In 2013, Cartier launched the new “metiers d’art” limited edition watch, we will share some of the best watches with you, starting with the Cartier flying crocodile watch.

Using natural stone agate, Cartier has a dial and a crocodile carved relief. They also invested in some tourbillon actions. Agate is an ordinary and beautiful stone, I believe it is similar to amethyst. As far as I know, it mainly exists in volcanic rocks. Agate is usually blue, and it tends to have different shades of blue, lightening towards the center. By choosing the right agate rock carving, a skilled artist can take advantage of the color change. Sure enough, in this Cartier Replica Watches, you can see how part of the agate highlights the crocodile head in light blue, but the lower part is dark blue. It produces a beautiful effect.

Agate stone may not be common, but hand-carved agate dials are common. This is an interesting artistic skill, and brands such as Cartier will use this technique from time to time when they are impressed by a limited audience. Therefore, the Cartier Flying Tourbillon crocodile-themed watch will be in the hands of no more than 30 people (I mean on the wrist). I would like to know if every year, the same group of people are eagerly awaiting Cartier’s new artworks, or whether Cartier Replica can expand the market for these interesting niche luxury goods.

In fact, those unfamiliar Cartiers should know today that the leaders of this brand offer two very classic mainstream entry-level luxury timepieces and excellent ultra-high-end works, either focusing on art or high-class horology to even the most dedicated watch hobbies. By. Yes, I said a lot in that sentence, but it is important to express Cartier’s level of product diversification for the luxury market. Most people who wear Fake Cartier Watches Santos, tanks or Pasha will probably never know that Cartier’s quality or even existence.

The basic case of this watch is Rotonde de Cartier, which is the main product of many high-end products. This box is 42 mm wide and only has 18k pure gold. The “wheel” is one of Cartier’s simpler products. It is a perfect round shape with thin lugs that gently bend downwards. Polished and rounded borders mean it looks thin to provide a broad dial view. The outer shell of the most “Cartier” element is the crown with a unique grip and a sharp-edged sapphire crystal card.

Inside the flywheel crocodile-themed watch is the calibre MC 9452 movement made inside Swiss Cartier Watches. This is a manual wound exercise that features only time and flying tourbillons. The movement also happens to carry the Geneva seal, which means it follows certain decorative and performance guidelines and is built in the Canton of Geneva. Cartier wants to make the ownership of the movement clearer, because the engraved logo is adjacent to the three “C” elements of the movement, including the pattern on the tourist’s (touribllon) card. You can see the movement through the back sapphire display crystal.

If there is no tourbillon, Cartier’s flywheel Turbillon crocodile-themed watch may also be very good (or may have a crocodile theme for crocodiles). In addition, the tourbillon just adds more luxury icing to this artistic decadent cake. For me, the focus of such a watch is the expressive crocodile face. Maybe this is a portrait of a crocodile. Does he lend his skin to a belt? Or is it a more philosophical description of life, and those who choose to accept ultra-luxury watches? Life is fast and deadly, and hungry creatures are wait for you. So why not enjoy what you have, or you may be eaten tomorrow. Or maybe your neighbor’s prehistoric reptile is looking for milk and food. Cartier will produce a limited edition of 30 pieces of Cartier Feiteng crocodile leather watches.