Calibre De Cartier Chronograph Watch Hands-on

Cartier is already very clear that the caliber case will enjoy a lot of life. Serving as a base from mainstream luxury goods without the ultra-high-end Cheap Cartier Replica Watches model, and continuing to have a promising future Cartier currently prefers Calibre as a model for their prime men. One of my personal favorite aspects is that no one has ever called it “no matter what men or women.” Many Cartier watches and clocks in France, Poland, make them not worthy of a person, but suitable for a woman. The caliber is “all guys.” In the early 2013 collection the expansion and caliber chronometer model (first time).

Looking at the original caliber I am very happy when Cartier Replica Watches was released in 2010. After that, I provided a review of the aBlogtoWatch practice here. Many people don’t remember that Cartier chose the caliber as the first time to look at the interior of the house called the caliber 1904 mc. This is not their first internal movement – Cartier began with something super luxurious a few years ago. The 1904 mc is not only a new sport, but the foundation of many future sports. Designed to be flexible, the 1904 mc is what all internal migration Cartier watches contain. Here is the chronograph. Calibre chronograph, the movement is called 1904 – ch MC.

The 1904-ch MC automatically resembles a purely basic motion timing module, but with a slightly different dial layout and a 30-minute timing to provide a bi-compax layout. The frequency is 28800 bph and the capacity reserve is 48 hours. It also has a date at 6 o’clock. The long-standing controversial element of Calibre’s dial design is the “open” date window. I have to admit that this design feature looks worse on other watches, but it sticks out to be purely weird.

I heard two things about the chronograph dial. Some people believe that the dial is too close, and others are very grateful for their positioning because it allows a relatively unobstructed hour-mark view to allow for optimal legibility. Who do I agree with? Well, I think. The legibility is quite good, but the ring around the sub-dial, the position of the dial to the middle may be too stressed. Having said that, I like Dell’s symmetry and feel better balanced than the original calibre dialing (subsidiary stopwatch) chronograph. So while it may not be the most perfect dial in the world, it is very attractive enough to be proud of the name of Fake Cartier Watches.

One thing that is easier to notice is that the caliber chronograph with the original model is the California “Cartier” dial. The California dial is a style that was first proposed for Rolex to have half the hour marked with Arabic numerals and half of Roman numerals. The strange thing is that most people don’t seem to notice it unless it is pointed out. Calibre is not the case, but half of it is Roman numerals and the lower half is baton-style hour markers. Is it something you noticed right away or need to point you out?

The dial is not messy, and the Best Cartier Replica Watches minute mark scale shifts to the inner slanted border. When I first saw the calibre of the presentation, I was worried about this design decision, but I decided to be the best when I saw the watch. It does make the main dial more open and airy, but retains the ability to mark more accurately when necessary. Although there are more chronograph dials compared to the three-hander, the dial feels cleaner – this is a positive thing.

The size is 42mm wide and I don’t think it is any thicker than the three grenade Calibre models. Of course it is a true integrated chronograph scribe. As I mentioned, when I first wrote this watch, it was clear that Cartier was always used in the Calibre chronograph version, because the King’s Guard’s design is perfect. Another interesting detail is that the chronograph water resistance exceeds three grenade models. The caliber is only 30 meters of water resistance and the time is 100 meters. I can’t explain it, but it is a report from Cartier Replica.

Cartier offers caliber chronographs in two crocodile belts as well as steel bracelets. Because I always like the Cartier watch bracelet I have to recommend the latter option. In steel, 18k rose gold, different shades of steel and gold, the caliber chronograph offers a good range of versions. It has been said that the white dial has only a silver tone (now). Those who wish deep colors will have to wait. Prices range from $10,600 to $11,200 in steel, $14, in different shades of models 00 o – $16,300, and $2,9000 – $29,000 in 18 k rose gold.