CLE de CARTIER Cartier CLEVO black SKP men’s replica watches

Cartier with superb craftsmanship, to create a smooth lines, timeless elegance of the Clé de Cartier series of watches, ergonomic watch design to make wearing more comfortable.
2017 Cartier launched the specially designed Clé de Cartier replica watches for the 10th anniversary of Beijing SKP opening ceremony with a limited edition of 8 pieces.

Delicate detail of timeless elegant Cartier CLE DE CARTIER Black SKP tenth anniversary of the limited edition men’s watch
Cartier launched this limited edition men’s deep and elegant style of watches to calm the pure black-based colors, 40 mm diameter dial with Cartier landmark black guilloche pattern design, case made of 18K rhodium plated platinum material, Crown inlaid a dazzling dark blue sapphires, men elegant and calm temperament can be demonstrated.

Delicate detail of timeless elegant Cartier CLE DE CARTIER Black SKP tenth anniversary of the limited edition men’s watch
Clé de Cartier named after the key-like winding crown, the limited edition watch also continued the classic design Cartier key series watch. When the watch is on the chain issued a sweet and crisp tuning tone, reminiscent of the use of keys for the ancient tradition of the clock on the chain.

Delicate detail of timeless elegant Cartier CLE DE CARTIER Black SKP tenth anniversary of the limited edition men’s watch
The back of this watch with transparent sapphire crystal design, the interior equipped with Cartier 1847MC workshop refined self-winding movement, the movement is equipped with fast rotating barrel, greatly improving the stability of travel time. Two-way self-winding mechanism with specially designed lever system, especially durable. Caliber VAGUES DE GENÈVE, with semi-instantaneous date display and up to 42 hours of power reserve.

Delicate detail of timeless elegant Cartier CLE DE CARTIER Black SKP tenth anniversary of the limited edition men’s watch
As the 10th anniversary of Beijing SKP special custom watch, this watch limited edition 8. Behind the table of Clé de Cartier are the “Beijing SKP”, “2017 / n ° x” (numbered n ° 1 to n ° 9, except n ° 4).
Round and full arc, elegant and harmonious lines, distinctive crown and pure atmosphere of the black, this carries a Cartier rich creative extraordinary chronograph, is the charm of men’s high quality choice.

Christie’s will auction Jacqueline Kennedy’s Cartier tank replica

Christie’s announced that it will be taking Cartier tank replica watches owned and worn by Jacqueline Kennedy on June 21 at the Rare Watches and American Icons auction. An iconic watch (the 100th anniversary of the birth of the tank series this year) and one of the most attractive figures of the 20th century make this auction look forward to.

It is reported that this watch is Jacqueline Kennedy’s brother-in-law, the former Polish prince Stanislaw “Stas” Radziwill gave her a gift in 1963. The gift commemorates a 50-mile hike at Palm Beach in February 1963, Stas, Jacqueline Kennedy, and their friends and some of their relatives.

This is a gold watch with the words “Stas to Jackie / 23 Feb. 63 / 2:05 AM to 9:35 PM.” Stating that Stas, Jacqueline Kennedy and relatives and friends get together for 50 Mile, date, start and end of mile.

On June 21st, Christie’s Rare Timepieces and the US Logo Auction will be held at the Rockefeller Center in New York. This luxury replica watches review before the auction price of 60,000 to 120,000 US dollars, the auction winner will also receive a painting. The painting, made by Stas in 1963, depicts the hiking of Stas and his friend Chuck Spalding. Draw a handwritten note below “February 23, 1963 2:05 am to 9:35 pm / Jackie to Stas with love and admiration.”

Three high-end quartz luxury replica watches sale recommended

Now the two camps in the watch, mechanical and quartz, each have their own advantages, the advantages of the cheap Quartz replica watch affordable and accurate time travel, a tool for recording time, precise travel time must be its first task, although many people Not know the time through the watch, watch home today we recommend three quartz watches.

Cartier blue balloon series W69011Z4 watch
Domestic price: RMB 41500
Watch diameter: 36.6 mm
Watch thickness: 12.05 mm
Movement type: quartz
Case material: stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Watch Comments: Cartier classic blue balloon series watches, technical and ornamental integration, to meet the pursuit of the perfect state of men, rounded lines, elegant surface embossed crown and the big sapphire, let it in the Elegant retro more graceful and precious. Cartier watch replica ballon bleu also has quartz and mechanical points, due to the dense design, most people will choose two-pin quartz movement blue balloons, because simple and practical, and wearing a decent.

Chanel J12 Series H0968 watch
Domestic price: RMB 35900
Watch diameter: 33 mm
Watch thickness: –
Movement type: quartz
Case Material: Ceramic – Stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 200 meters

Watch Comments: white, as Chanel Ms stressed, impeccable, and black absolutely harmonious, since then, white has become a mainstream swiss movement replica watches colors. White high-tech precision ceramics emphasize the design of the J12 watch structure, highlight the beauty of the watch models the essence. White high-tech precision ceramic presents a unique glow from within the glow, giving the ceramic a magical charm. With precious metals, to create a wonderful light and shadow beauty.

Omega constellation series watch
Domestic price: RMB 31000
Watch diameter: 27 mm
Watch thickness: –
Movement type: quartz
Case Material: Stainless steel case with engraved Roman numerals 18K red gold bezel
Waterproof depth: 100 meters

Watch Comments: Omega Constellation series to the famous “Griffes” (Griffes) and eye-catching dial to show the charming design concept of lasting enduring. This polished watch features a silver dial and a wear-resistant sapphire crystal. 27mm stainless steel case with engraved Roman numerals 18K red gold bezel, with 18K red gold steel bracelet. This timepiece is equipped with a precision quartz movement – Omega 1376 movement.
Summary: In terms of accuracy, quartz luxury replica watches review than the mechanical watch has the absolute advantage, you can simply say the quartz watch has more practicality, and the mechanical watch complex mechanical technology, that feeling is irreplaceable quartz watch.