The Best-loved And Most Successful Cartier Crash Skeleton Replica Watch

Cartier will present the first skeletonized version, and that in a slightly larger dimension. According to legend, the unique design of the Most Successful Cartier Crash Replica model was literally inspired by the original Cartier.

Apart from a few details and the fact that the dial is practically non-existent, the new model is almost identical to the classic Crash model from 1967.

Yes, the Luxury Cartier Replica case has grown about 10% compared to the original (28.15mm in diameter and 45.32mm in length) and is more suitable for a man’s hand, but given the very narrow alligator leather strap, the watch will appear smaller than the official dimensions.

Of course, the shape of the case itself must have caused a number of technological complications in production. The fact that platinum was used for the Fake Cartier Watches case material presented an additional problem, because shaping these asymmetric curves is difficult when working with a soft metal like gold, and especially when working with a material that is up to ten times more time and technologically demanding.

The complicated design of the case made it impossible to use sapphires, so the front and back sides are protected by mineral glass, curved both vertically and horizontally. As you probably already guessed, the Most Impressive Cartier Replica movement was also a challenge and was exclusively produced for this model.

Caliber MC9618 is based on the skeleton movements used in the Santos and Tank series, with the aforementioned modifications that include the fluid shape of the mainplate that contains all the components of the movement.

Bridges are made of German silver, with polished edges and ground surfaces. It is interesting how the Cartier Replica vs Real designers also incorporated the indicators into the mainplate, made in the form of ‘melted’ Roman numerals. Thanks to two springs inside the mechanism, the power reserve is limited to three days.