Cartier Santos Observation Review: New Model In 2018

In 2004, Cartier released the previous generation of the “Santos 100” series of watches, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of this watch. A few years ago, I reviewed the Cartier Santos 100 on aBlogtoWatch, which is still full of affection, but will be detailed later. Today my focus is on the new “Santos de Cartier” model, which was released in early 2018. Cheap Cartier Replica Watches hopes that the new Santos watches will be available shortly after the watch’s launch (which is not common in the watch industry), and early reports show that the new Santos watches are selling strongly. The specific model I reviewed was the Cartier Santos reference W2SA0006, which has a two-tone steel and 18k yellow gold case, and a larger 39.8mm case (Cartier also produces a smaller 35.1mm wide new Santos version).

There is a lot to say about Cartier Santos in 2018. I have discussed a lot of details and highlights about the overall collection of aBlogtoWatch in this article. In that article, you’ll read more about the available models (and their prices) and what Cartier Replica Watches is trying to achieve with the new Santos series. This review will be based on a discussion of Santos in my previous article, such as the article above, connected to the Santos 100 review.

In this article, I also showed some pictures of the new Cartier Santos W2SA0006 watch, and I think it is the model of the previous generation of this watch (this watch is not common due to its limited distribution channels), that is, Santos 100 W200728G. The previous watch was not common because it offered a complete bracelet, not just a strap, and most of the straps of the Santos 100 are equipped with a strap. I found the comparison of these two watches very interesting because you can clearly see the similarities and differences in the model.

Let me summarize the main highlights of the 2018 Cartier Santos watch. First, the case and bracelet are significantly thinner, and for some people, it may be more comfortable to wear (compared to the larger version of the previous generation, such as the Santos 100). There is also a new border design, which is not a big element, but it provides a fairly unique look for the new model. There is an internal automatic movement in the box, of course the biggest news is the quick release (Cartier called it “quick switch”) bracelet / strap system, and the toolless link replacement system (“SmartLink”), which allows you to quickly Easily adjust the bracelet without tools (assuming you have nails now).

My overall impression of the Cartier Santos model is very good. It has also been said that smaller models can also be worn as male watches, but I am sure that in the West, the vast majority of the 35.1 mm wide Santos models will be sold to women. In addition to size, the main difference between the larger Santos model and the smaller Santos model is the location of the date window display (existing on larger models but not on smaller models).

Compared to the previous generation of the Santos 100, the new 9.08 mm thick, thin Santos is more like a watch. Speaking of watches, “skinny is the most popular.” There is always a cyclical design trend, and this is not the first time a company has supported a thinner design than a larger one. If you are a person wearing sleeves, or if you usually like your watch to be more “special”, then the thinner shape of the new Cartier Santos watch will definitely appeal to you.

In steel, the new Santos case is 100 meters waterproof and elegantly curved sapphire crystals. This box works very well, with brushed and polished finishes. Inlaid in the crown is a blue spinel cabochon. Cartier Replica used the sapphire crystal cabochons, but now they only use them on high-end models. From a design perspective, you can see how similar the old and new Santos cases are. This includes most of the crown and geometric crown itself. This watch is available in all steel (or full pink or full gold), but I like watches in steel and 18k gold. One of the reasons is that the gold screws on the bracelet are more intense and add visual interest. The second is the same increase in contrast, thanks to the gold border.

In 2018, Cartier “completely” redesigned Santos’ iconic square frame, making it no longer square. The upper and lower parts of the frame are unfolded with the lips. The purpose seems to be a visual connection between the strap/bangle and the bezel. In the previous generation of the Santos 100, this was not the case, and the ear/bangle structure was actually larger and wider than the new Santos. The bracelet in the updated and older Santos model is a bit thin (this is good). The old Santos 100 has a bracelet that connects the box, 23 mm wide, and the bracelet is 21 mm wide on the new Santos mockup.

I will spend a lot of time talking about bracelets, because it is both a key part of this timepiece and an area that I think requires a lot of discussion. Part of the reason is that I don’t think that a new bracelet or an old bracelet will win a battle. In fact, Cartier (in my opinion) did not “replace” the older generation of Santos 100 with a new generation of models (although the old version was no longer technically produced). Instead, Fake Cartier Watches introduced a new Santos model that might be better suited to compete in today’s tough luxury watch market.

My favorite of the previous generation of Cartier Santos 100 was specifically for the new generation of models that I tried to leave in the past. The thick, masculine and elegant Santos 100 is not as versatile as the new generation, nor is it as diplomatic as the new generation. Still, I must say that I regret the decision to design a simpler deployment program for the new generation of models. The bracelet ends with a simple butterfly deployer. It’s great, but I don’t like the pushers that stand out under the bracelet like ears. What I really miss is the more complex deployment of the previous generation model. For these works, Best Cartier Replica Watches designed a more refined design that mimicked the aesthetic style of the case, including a golden plate.

Of course, the previous generation of bracelets did not have the same delicate design as Santos bracelets, while Santos’ bracelets included both QuickSwitch and SmartLink systems. Cartier is smart, with both bracelets and brown belts in the Santos car. Of course, you might buy an extra strap from Cartier, but with a proprietary strap connection system, you can’t use the strap in the watch’s aftermarket. This is not a big deal, because even if Cartier will charge you a bigger price for their shoulder straps, their quality is quite good.

I won’t talk about this topic, but if you’ve used the steel bracelet of Apple Watch, you know more or less how to use Cartier’s new bracelet system. It doesn’t matter whether Cartier is inspired by the Apple Watch bracelet, but what matters is that they are very similar. If you are not familiar with the Apple Watch link bracelet, let me tell you that although it is cheaper, it is of very high quality and is a source of inspiration for contemporary bracelets.

Cartier does have a small tool to help you adjust the bracelet, but you don’t really need it. In order to delete a link, you only need to press a small putter and then release the spring loaded needle. With your finger, you pull a little more pin to release the connection with the adjacent one. In just a few minutes, even a novice can adjust the size of their bracelet. That’s fine, but I want to know how often people adjust after the first time they adjust the size of the bracelet. This watch does not make people feel that its function is expensive, but users of this watch rarely use this well-designed SmartLink system, which may be a pity.

The QuickSwitch system on lugs is one of the many quick release systems available today. Cartier’s system is better than most, I mean the connection between the bracelet and the box is strong in quality and guarantee. I have used other similar quick release systems, although most are good, but some of them are worrying about how much they may age after multiple uses. You will use the QuickSwitch system to release the strap or strap when you need to swap the case. You will do this because it is both fun and helpful in mixing your watch style. Honestly, if you like the look of the strap and the color, then it makes sense to choose at least the straps of brown, black and grey. Yes, you need to buy some extra straps, but the result is a very simple way to make your watch as versatile as possible.

A few years ago, when I first reviewed Cartier Santos, it took me a long time to discuss how to make an effective square watch case design is a challenge. It is no accident that most watches have a round case. For me, the trick is to “stack” multiple square shapes together and add as much bending as possible to the square design. The frame rivets and screws do not hurt.

In fact, I think the border is part of the square box design. Surprisingly, this new version of the border does not really take away the elegance of the square case. Then there is the dial. This is a classic “Cartier” watch with a box of Roman numerals on the silvery milky white dial. At first glance, the previous generation is very similar to the current generation of dials, but after careful observation, you will find many differences. The most important part may be the hand.

The blue steel “sword” pointer is a symbol of the Cartier watch and now includes Santos. On the previous generation models, the hands were similar in shape but in different ways. The dial of this new Santos is actually larger, and proportionally, the time stamp is smaller. This means that there are more “blanks” on the dial compared to the previous model. Please note that the previous generation model did not have a date, and the new 39.8 mm wide Santos chassis version does have a date indication window (tidy at 6 o’clock).

If I have the chance, I can easily live with the current Santos dialer. I believe I have a little preference for the previous generation of dialers. Maybe just because I think the blue steel hands are a bit thin (although they are long enough), I hope they are a little wider. Similarly, the blue steel hands of the new Santos dial are more refined, while the older models are more sporty. Both dials have a “secret” Cartier name written on the 7-point Roman numeral time stamp.

The new generation Santos W2SA0006 is internally manufactured with the Cartier Caliber 1847 MC automatic mechanical movement. Unfortunately, this action is not visible through the backshell window – although that might be a good touch. The sport runs at 4 Hz and has a power reserve of about 2 days. Since I am used to comparing the new Santos with the previous generation Santos 100, I would like to say that the former Santos model also has automatic mechanical movements, but those are provided by other Swiss companies such as ETA.

One of my favorite features of the Cartier Santos watch is that it is both simple and fun. As a watch, it is comfortable, providing familiar information and providing a relaxed, versatile wear and ownership experience. Its timeless design makes it work in a variety of environments, and it still has more communication capabilities than your standard round box dress watch. In addition to its unique case shape, Cartier’s screws and classic branded dials help the watch be more individual than its competitors. Cartier has further succeeded in making the new Santos watch more meaningful. The quick release bracelet/strap system, as well as the thinner casing configuration, make this watch even more compelling for more people these days. If there is any difference, it is that I like the previous generation of the Santos 100 XL, because its design is not all-encompassing, and there is a kind of acquired taste on the wrist. Cartier has launched this new generation of watches, the modernest men’s wear brand Santos watch. In addition, I can easily see that collectors have two generations of men’s Santos watches.

The real price offered by Cartier is the all-steel version of Santos Large, which is a reference to WSSA0009 and retails for $6,850. Two shades of style will make the price rise by a few thousand dollars, but you will see the cool look of steel and gold. As described in this article, the Santos de Cartier large model reference W2SA0006 retail price of $ 10,400.

Cartier Rotonde Astrotourbillon Watch Hands-On

If you want to ask me if I have been to SIHH 2010 before, I am most impressed. I don’t think Cheap Cartier Replica Watches will be one of my first choices. Manufacturers of high-end watches often focus on the complex mechanical aspects of jewelry. At least it used to be like this. One of their current and future goals is to maintain their own watch manufacturer as a true master. Therefore, SIHH is full of interesting and complicated watches. Of course not all watches are so complicated, but they are going to focus on high-end watchmaking as a serious collector’s collection from now on. My favorite in this new collection is the Rotonde de Dia Astrotourbillon table (Cartier Rotonde Astrotourbillon).

The Cartier Replica Watches is not a classic Tudor motion mechanism in technology – at least not in the traditional sense, but it is the best name. The balance wheel of the Tauberun rotating mechanism rotates the shaft, while the Astrotourbillon balance wheel moves the entire dial. It works every minute, acting as a second hand. It is really a seemingly simple concept. The mechanics are painful, but look smooth and smooth. The interesting complication you can see is watching the video. In many ways, it is more satisfying than the traditional Tourbillon rotating mechanism.

Cartier moved the MC 9451 completely inside. It is a manual wound with a power reserve of approximately 48 hours. It is actually quite efficient with parts below 200. There is a special type of Taurine rotating mechanism that balances its balance in platinum (not visible). The complications of the space, the case is thick (but not too thick) and 47 mm wide 18 k white or pink gold. The big situation looks good on the Cartier Replica wrists which are usually smooth and polished.

The dial is not difficult to read. You have a typical French blue steel hand centralized installation and Cartier’s Roman numerals. The dial is a standard silverish tone, Cartier is good at offering. The dialed “plateau” section has some nice interlocking ring machine carvings that look elegant. Then you have a little carved plateau below the dial. The entire composition, Cartier’s crown of sapphire crystal is convex. Watches are not limited to production, and the movements are numbered separately. The price is quite. I forgot the exact amount of more than $100,000. Don’t worry, at least one beautiful new Fake Cartier Watches will be released this year and will not break the bank (difficulties). Otherwise you can admire this Cartier Astrotourbillon like me from a local style and originality fascinated you may not have expected.

Cartier Ballon Bleu Ultra Flat Watch

In many new versions of Cheap Cartier Replica Watches this 2011 ultra-thin version of the popular Blue Balloon. I am not entirely sure why balloon blue is so popular. As a female watch I fully understand. Elegant, beautiful foam and some nice round curves. I mean the name of the “balloon” – at least I think this is what “balloon” means. I may be wrong, I don’t know. Regardless of the real translation, watching the collection is always a “blue balloon” for me, it is a bit discouraged now.

The 2011 thin summary table is hot. There are many reasons, but cost is one of them. Brands can charge the same watch with less precious metals – they can claim that you are paying for the complexity of miniaturization. This view may make sense, but thin watches have been around for generations. In fact, I don’t mind looking at thin sections unless they are wide enough. Anything in the 40mm wide view profile won’t see the time on my wrist, I prefer at least 42mm and wider if I can help it. Fortunately, Cartier’s thin version of the balloon is blue 46 mm wide – great.

Cartier’s watch “Extra-Flat” balloon blue. There are at least twelve ways to find a brand name watch. Some use only names such as “flat” or “skinny”, sometimes like “slender.” Brands are sometimes a little excited about the slim nature of these clocks, and it feels necessary to add adjectives to help you get the same mood. That’s why you see labels like “ultra-thin” and “extra-flat.” Can someone come up with a “skinny” guideline in Switzerland to help these brands? What do you think is thin? What is the line? What do you think? Not “thickening.” Instead, they use the term “oversized” (I mentioned that 6000 times is a stupid term I hate). The tags don’t make any sense, but they say it’s fun. As you can see, the extra flat balloon blue is a fairly thin wrist. Cartier Replica does not even publish the thickness of the case. I don’t think it’s checked out when measuring, but now I can’t tell you the measurements. So is the flat watch? Extra flat.

To be fair, the actual thickness is not important unless you want to say that you have the thinnest kind in the world, just like some Piaget watches. What really matters is how they look and feel on the wrist. Cartier Replica Watches is not defeating any records in the game, but it wants to offer a thin profile version of the popular seller, which looks elegant. Thin seems to be popular these days, and the brand is experimenting with them and may not have this trend. The thin balloon Blue Extra-Flat is wide and the apartment – this is good. I prefer their flattery and bending this size. The lug curve is a bit suitable for the wrist.

With only two hands and Cartier Roman numerals, the link ring machine still looks smooth and easy to read. Whether you like its style is a taste, but it is a very attractive plan to face things. There is also the blue version of the balloon blue – a special platinum packaging mode. In addition to the 18 k white gold, rose gold model and the more traditional Fake Cartier Watches dial. Cover the crown with a sapphire cabochon setting.

Cartier did not mention that the movement in the balloon is the blue Extra-Flat. But a look at the caseback reveals “mecanique.”, to me, look at a mechanical movement, in this case a manual wound. It’s weird, they don’t post more at this point. Most versions of this apartment look at a brown crocodile belt, but those who get the blue dial version will get a blue crocodile belt. Price? Swiss Cartier Watches Blue Balloon Extra-Flat will run your gold 20300 – 21800 dollars, and $ 32,525 platinum.